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Cisdem ContactsMate is an excellent program for managing your contacts like you never have before. If you're looking for a tool to help you then you're in luck - this is the perfect program for you.

With Cisdem ContactsMate you can manage and organize your contacts on Mac. It offers a huge array of options, making it a truly useful tool. It stands out for its simple and minimalist design, its high level of usability, and how efficient and effective it is. All the ingredients to make it ideal for professional-level use.

In Cisdem ContactsMate you can import your CSV and vCard contacts, and sync the ones already in your Google, Facebook, and iCloud accounts, among others. In this way you'll have all your contacts in one place and manage them all comprehensively in one place. Plus the process for editing each contact's details is simple and intuitive and you can add a ton of useful details to each entry. Plus you can make backups and share and export your contacts.

Cisdem ContactsMate is, in short, an excellent tool for keeping your contacts organized. Whether it's for professional use or not, give it a try and discover everything it can do for you.
By Álvaro Toledo

The trial version only scans the contacts but can't be exported or corrected for mistakes.

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